It is an important week in history as The President recently issued a Proclamation declaring Monday, October 5, “Made In America Day,” and the start of “Made In America Week,” which continues through Saturday, October 10. Throughout President Trump’s declaration, he acknowledges the great strides that have recently been made to bring jobs back to America and once again make this great Nation prosperous for generations to come. The policies that Congress and the current administration have implemented to bring trade and manufacturing back to the United States has been an enormous success. According to CNBC, “Over the past year through July, U.S. manufacturing added 327,000 jobs, the most of any 12-month period since April 1995, when the figure added a healthy 345,000 positions.”


Here at Presco, we are proud to be an American owned and operated manufacturing facility. With our home base situated right here in Sherman, Texas, we can provide employment opportunities to hundreds of skilled individuals across the Nation. Along with our goal to keep America’s jobs on the rise, is our vision to keep the manufacturing industry stable. 


As America’s leading manufacturer of marking products and engineered films, we understand that the responsibility accompanying our product is a serious one. While non-American-made products may seem like a way to cut costs, the manufacturing criteria of off-shored producers are typically inferior to that of U.S. manufacturers, translating to a less durable product that may cause more hassle and confusion when human lives are at stake. Similarly, these products are not held to OSHA and other standards, and therefore, could result in fines for the companies that use them. Further, by choosing high-quality American-made products from Presco, you can ensure on-time delivery of life-saving, injury-preventing products that will outperform lower-grade marking tapes and films outsourced from other countries. 


Please help us keep this great Nation thriving by showing your support to America’s workers today and always.