Q: Do you have part numbers you can supply me?
A: Yes we do have stock legends that can be found on our website* or you can log into Presco Connect and look at your last order for the desired part number.

*If you go to our website there is a link on each one of our product pages that will allow you to open and see, download and/or print a page of the part numbers categorized by product type.

Q: How do I get my pricing? Or Can you send me my pricing?
A: You may retrieve your price list by logging onto Presco Connect and downloading your price list.

Q: What is the difference in 2MIL Barricade Tape and 3MIL Barricade Tape?
A: Barricade tape quality is measured by the MIL thickness of the tape. The higher the MIL thickness the stronger and greater tensile/stretching break strength will be. 2MIL barricade tape is the lowest quality barricade tape that we offer. 2MIL and 3MIL are the most common quality tapes in the construction industry.

Q: Can you print our customers logo on your tape or flags?
A: Yes, you can either submit a high resolution image for our art department to draw up and submit back to you for approval, arrange this through our customer service department. This route will incur a onetime set up fee. As a Presco distributor you can also log onto the Custom Art Interface at Prescoart.com and create your customized legend/logo with no set up fee. Contact customer service for your companies personal pin number to create your art interface login for the first time.

Q: Can I get specialized pricing based on a large one time quantity purchase? Price Breaks for large purchase?
Presco is a manufacturer and therefore we do offer price breaks on large quantity purchases, but please keep in mind that what constitutes a large purchase for Presco is very high volume. Contact your industry Account Rep for more details or contact customer service at 1-800-527-32-95 to be directed to a Sales Rep.