Presco’s Presco Engineered Film division has been expanding product lines into niche markets in the medical, automotive, and graphic film industries. With the end of the second quarter rapidly approaching, Presco has added several new products to the portfolio:

Presco has new films that are designed to withstand gamma sterilization for drainage bag applications. The inherent issue with gamma sterilization is the yellowing of the film during the sterilization process. The yellowing is not only a color change, but it signifies a loss in physical properties in the final product. No need to worry if you are using Presco’s films, our films stay the color they are supposed to and perform as you expect.

Presco is also expanding into the automotive market with the development of films for auto shades. Auto shades are used in vehicles for blocking the harmful rays of the sun for our passengers to providing security for bundles tucked away in the back of an SUV. These high quality films are also designed for print-ability.

Finally, Presco has entered the graphic film market with films that are designed specifically for ease of print-ability. The adhesion of the ink to the film is critical in these applications. Presco has the films that can be easily printed on and also ensure the ink stays on the film. We wouldn’t want the ink to rub off when we are leaning against it.

What’s next for the second half of the year for Presco? More exciting new films for niche markets.