Why EVA Film Use in Medical Fluid Bags Could be an Alternative to PVC

Because of its rugged performance and cost effectiveness, flexible PVC has been used as an alternative to glass containers in the medical device industry for over half a century. However, in the medical bag market, due to perceived health related concerns, alternatives to PVC are being explored and EVA is at the front of the pack. Let’s take a look at why EVA is a preferred alternative to PVC for medical fluid bags, and why you should look to Presco to help make the switch.

EVA has a proven track record in the medical industry. For over three decades, EVA has been used widely on a commercial basis in medical device applications, especially in IV therapy. EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate, is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. This medical grade film is a soft, clear material that can be RF-welded to create medical solution containers and tubing sets.

Here are just a few of the advantages EVA offers:

• EVA is 30% lighter than PVC – This gives the film a better yield and reduces shipping costs.
• EVA is stronger than PVC – Tear strength and burst strength are stronger with EVA in comparison to PVC. This is especially important in medical fluid bags to prevent leakage and contamination
• EVA has excellent RF sealing properties – The same RF sealing equipment can be used with PVC and EVA, so there are no extra costs for re-tooling.
• EVA has strong impact resistance and cold crack properties – This can be an issue with PVC bags, especially when shipped in the winter months and cold climates.
• EVA meets all regulatory concerns in the medical fluid bag market
• EVA provides excellent biocompatibility as measured by USP Class VI testing – This makes it an ideal material for IV nutrition bags.
• EVA does not contain any plasticizer or chlorine
• Good printability – EVA prints as well as or better than PVC, so no changes in the bag printing process are required. Printability is important because these bags often have “fill lines” that must be visible to healthcare professionals.

At Presco, EVA marks the first PVC-free manufacturing capability for our Presco Engineered Film. With pricing much more affordable than our competitors, and technical resources to guarantee a rapid and efficient transition, Presco can help you make the switch to EVA for medical fluid bags.

Learn more about how our Presco EVA film is supporting the healthcare industry at https://presco.com/works/medical